Natalia Guerra-Baig, MHP, LMHCA

Natalia Guerra-Baig, MHP, LMHCA
Accepted Insurance Plans: Premera
Cost per Session: $100-150, Sliding Scale
Payments Accepted: American Express, Discover, Visa

Starting your therapeutic journey can be both an empowering and yet scary as it is the start of a new relationship. In this journey, it is important for you to find a therapist that can understand stand you and your life experiences. I am a client-centered therapist, meaning that you are the expert of your own experiences and as your therapist, I will join you in your journey by helping guide you through opportunities for personal growth and revelations. *I also provide services in Spanish!*

Therapy is a great place to start exploring difficulties you may be experiencing, such as: asserting yourself, setting boundaries, maintaining healthy relationships, feelings of unfulfillment in your relationships, fears of abandonment, anxiety while engaging in daily life tasks, extreme fears of change, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, feelings of hopelessness, lack of connection with yourself.

I believe therapy can be a beneficial resource for anyone. Just like our bodies have a natural tendency to want to heal when we have a physical ailment, our mind also has a natural inclination to search for healing. Please feel free to reach out to me to see if we could be a good fit in your therapeutic journey.

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