Renton Technical College (RTC):
DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner 2024
King County Public Health –
Black Community Equity Team:
Directory Expansion: Affiliate Partnership 2024
Black Future Coop Fund:
Community Information & Resource Partner
Peaceful Soul Healing:
PLLC Scholarship & DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner
Garden Counseling & Wellness:
DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner
Young Women Empowered (Y-WE): DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner
University of Washington Co-Lab CARE Team:
Community Resource Partner &
2024-2025 Culturally Responsivity Training Partner

Zane Behnke:
DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner
253 Therapy & Consult:
DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner
Powerful Voices:
DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Partner
Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work (WSSCSW) Community Information & Resource Partner
Washington Mental Health Counselors Association:
CEU Sponsor, Community Information & Resource Partner
Envision Counseling:
CEU Sponsor & Training Collaborator of 2023:
Become a WA Approved Supervisor
Kid’s Mental Health of Pierce County:
Community Information & Resource Partner
Project Be Free:
Community Information & Resource Partner
Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC):
Community Information & Resource Partner
Seattle Children’s Hospital:
Community Information & Resource Partner

Sponsorships & Donors:


○ Cascadia Training: Donated 5% of all proceeds to DMHS during Black History Month


○ WMHCA was the CEU Sponsor of 2023 Legal Requirements & Cultural Considerations of Forming a PLLC workshop

○ Envision Counseling was the CEU Sponsor & Training Collaborator of 2023: Become a WA Approved Supervisor workshop

Major Funders:

○ Seattle Foundation: Neighbor to Neighbor ○ Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund ○ Fidelity Charitable

○ Renton Regional Community Foundation ○ University of Washington

Core Contributors & Donors:

○ Katy G. ○ A. ○ Nafasi F. ○ Tanya L. ○ Kim H. ○ Zane B. ○Kirby

DMHS does not operate in silo; We are a collective.

Every initiative is a living effort that involves the input of community members.

Legacy is very important when it comes to actively being anti-racist, as so many of our contributions to social justice have been hidden in the past.

DMHS strives to give credit where it’s due, and also to thank those who have partnered with & supported our organization.



○ Directory Collaboration: Tracy Stewart, Y-We, Nile’s Edge, and A Sacred Passing collaborated in an outreach effort to notify Providers of Color about the directory.


○ Mental Health Reparations Collaboration: Zane Behnke LICSW, CDP will be collaborating w/DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness for referral exchange and and recruiting ally providers

○ Practicum Collaboration: Peaceful Soul Healing is coordinating w/DMHS and Powerful Voices to give Practicum Students a safe way to practice therapy skills & building equity into the system by compensating them for therapy sessions.

○ DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Collaboration: Y-We has partnered with DMHS to provide free mental health & wellness services to Y-We youth who identify as girls or QTPOC.

○ Therapist PLLC Scholarship DMHS partnered with Peaceful Soul Healing, InFinitely Well & MEND Seattle to raise funds to help new therapists launch their private practice ○ Top Funders: Tanya L & Zane Benkhe

○ DMHS collaborated with Taquesha Dean & Nicole Wilson to create PLLC Cohort, a workshop to help therapists build their private practice in community

○ WMHCA teamed up with DMHS as a CEU sponsor for PLLC Cohort to become Legal Requirements & Cultural Considerations of Forming a PLLC

○ DMHS teamed up with Kim McBride, PhD, LMFT Envision Counseling to provide Become a WA State Approved Supervisor (15 CEUs) ○ Sponsored by DMHS and Seattle Foundation (N2N)


○ DMHS partnered with University of Washington CoLab CARE Team to create a Culturally Responsivity Training to pilot across WA State

○ In partnership with Family First Community Center, Nelson Middle School, Seattle Seahawks, and DMHS, HealthPoint participated in a wellness event at Nelsen Middle School for May is Mental Health Awareness Month

○ Renton Technical College (RTC) and DMHS teamed up to provide RTC Students with additional mental health services (collective healing/groups & individual therapy)

○ King County Public Health – Black Provider Network (BPN) and DMHS partnered to add an Partner Affiliate extension to the DMHS Directory, to include BPN members

○ Zane Behnke partnered with DMHS to launch DMHS Mental Health Reparations for BIPoC, an initiative to inspire and motivate small businesses to provide ongoing support to communities of color.

Community Contributions to Initiatives:


○ Gregory Whiting from Waking Wisdom PLLC: Recommended adding more Attributes for Black Provider Category regarding identity (e.g. nationality, ethnicity)

○ Tracy from Tracy L. Stuart, MA Psychological Consultants & Lashanna from A Sacred Passing: Recommended re-formatting website and directory for Accessibility, and adding a category for Allies to the Provider Directory, and provided marketing feedback to recruit Providers to sign up for the directory.

○ Denise from Well-Play: Requested Supporter & Verified Badges, and provided feedback & suggestions on Event Page idea

○ Paloma, owner from Crisálida Healing & Transformation, PLLC : Recommended Adding additional categories & attributes to the Provider Directory


○ Morgan Watson from Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study Board: Recommended adding LGBTQIA+ specific category to the Provider Directory

○ Dr. Kimberly Riley from You Are Beautiful PLLC, Cierra Gloeckner, and Halisha Anderson, DMHS Board Member: Provided feedback, suggestions & recommendations for DMHS Free Therapy Program logistics and questions in screening forms


○ Cierra Gloeckner was the very first Volunteer Therapist to sign up for DMHS Free Therapy Program and assisted with the program launch, and provided suggestions that resulted in updating the DMHS Free Therapy Feedback forms for more clarity for responders

○ Dominique Smith from UW CoLab: Connected DMHS with state organization leaders & community leaders for potential collaborations & partnerships.

○ Tracy from Tracy L. Stuart, MA Psychological Consultants: Connected DMHS with benevolent funders, as well as community partners for future collaborations


○ Zane Behnke, LICSW, CDP: Recommended additional ways to connect clients applying for Free Therapy & Wellness services with BIPoC providers who accept insurance

○ Joan Willemain: Provided feedback & suggestions for expanding Approved Supervisor & Supervisee network for DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness

○ Sima Kulshreshta from Peaceful Soul Healing: Provided feedback & suggestions on an internship & practicum collaboration for DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program

○ Leanne Brock & Chimaera from Powerful Voices: Recommended more inclusive language in describing the directory, as well as screening questions for the DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program

○ Nafasi Ferrell from Narratives Unbound: Recommended wraparound financial coaching & management services for the DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program

○ Nichelle Alderson, FNTP, LICSW of INfinitely Well: Recommended additional ethnic group & practitioner specialty attributes for DMHS Directory

○ Tee Lovelace from Beauty for Ashes: Made recommendations for more gender inclusive language in communications

○ Celinda Wilson assisted DMHS in user-end testing & troubleshooting, and made recommendations for additional directory attributes & descriptions of listing attributes

○ Barrett & Stephanie from Seattle Children’s Hospital assisted in building referral network both for Providers to add their information to the DMHS Directory, but also for families to find Providers more easily

○ Kashika from Seattle Children’s Hospital recommended noting location for Orgs We Like page, for easier navigation, as well as adding new sections for youth on Resources page

○ Mia & Renee from PNW Sex Therapy Collective discussed resources for Providers which led to brainstorming a page dedicated to providers seeking resources in their work with clients

○ Laura Ahn, Founder of Multicultural Counselors made recommendations for recruitment of providers for DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program and connections to potential sponsors & partners

○ Kate Mageau suggested group therapy partnerships with allies for clients to get extra support

○ Vanessa Lovejoy-Guron from Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services provided consultation on Pacifica populations & identities to improve DMHS Directory

○ Malcolm Clay from Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department recommended adding information about caregiver fatigue & burnout to Provider Resources page

○ Summer Starr from NAMI Seattle recommended NAMI BIPOC support group for resources page, which resulted in new category added

○ Leti Ramirez of Peaceful Soul Healing recommended including Leadership & Free Therapy & Wellness Provider demographics on website

○ Salomé Valencia-Bohné donated her membership dues to cover CEU Application costs for WSSCSW to sponsor CEUs for DMHS

○ Mille Byrd of Healing Byrd LLC requested case consult during DMHS Provider Payment Check In, which will become a free added service for Providers in


○ Nafasi Ferrell of Narratives Unbound LLC & Shaena Spoor of Y-We made LEAN recommendations/edits of draft for updated invoice form, for DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program

○ Olivia White from Brighter Connections Counseling PLLC inspired & helped develop the Digital Wellness Tools & Trainings page

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