DMHS does not operate in silo; We are a collective.

Every initiative is a living effort that involves the input of community members.

Legacy is very important when it comes to actively being anti-racist, as so many of our contributions to social justice have been hidden in the past.

DMHS strives to give credit where it’s due, and also to thank those who have partnered with & supported our organization.

Contributions to Initiatives:


○ Gregory Whiting from Waking Wisdom PLLC: Recommended adding more Attributes for Black Provider Category regarding identity (e.g. nationality, ethnicity)

○ Tracy from Tracy L. Stuart, MA Psychological Consultants & Lashanna from A Sacred Passing: Recommended re-formatting website and directory for Accessibility, and adding a category for Allies to the Provider Directory, and provided marketing feedback to recruit Providers to sign up for the directory.

○ Denise from Well-Play: Requested Supporter & Verified Badges, and provided feedback & suggestions on Event Page idea

○ Paloma, owner from Crisálida Healing & Transformation, PLLC : Recommended Adding additional categories & attributes to the Provider Directory


○ Morgan Watson from Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study Board: Recommended adding LGBTQIA+ specific category to the Provider Directory

○ Dr. Kimberly Riley from You Are Beautiful PLLC, and Halisha Anderson, DMHS Board Member: Provided feedback, suggestions & recommendations for DMHS Free Therapy Program logistics and forms


○ Cierra Gloeckner from 253 Therapy and Consult: The very first Volunteer Therapist to sign up for DMHS Free Therapy Program and assisted with the program launch, and provided suggestions that resulted in updating the DMHS Free Therapy Feedback forms for more clarity for responders

○ Dominique Smith from UW CoLab: Connected DMHS with state organization leaders & community leaders for potential collaborations & partnerships.

○ Tracy from Tracy L. Stuart, MA Psychological Consultants connected DMHS with benevolent funders, as well as community partners for future collaborations


○ Zane Behnke, LICSW, CDP recommended additional ways to connect clients applying for Free Therapy & Wellness services with BIPoC providers who accept insurance

○ Joan Willemain provided feedback & suggestions for expanding Approved Supervisor & Supervisee network for DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness

○ Sima Kulshreshta from Peaceful Soul Healing provided feedback & suggestions on an internship & practicum collaboration for DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program

○ Leanne Brock & Chimaera from Powerful Voices recommended more inclusive language in describing the directory, as well as screening questions for the DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program

○ Nafasi Ferrell from Narratives Unbound recommended wraparound financial coaching & management services for the DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program



○ Directory Collaboration: Tracy Stewart, Y-We, Nile’s Edge, and A Sacred Passing collaborated in an outreach effort to notify Providers of Color about the directory.


○ Mental Health Reparations Collaboration: Zane Behnke LICSW, CDP will be collaborating w/DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness for referral exchange and and recruiting ally providers

○ Practicum Collaboration: Peaceful Soul Healing will be coordinating w/DMHS and Powerful Voices to give Practicum Students a safe way to practice therapy skills



○ Cascadia Training: Donated 5% of all proceeds to DMHS during Black History Month

Core Contributors & Donors:

○ Katy Greenleaf

○ Anonymous A.

○ Nafasi Ferrell

Major Funders:

○ Seattle Foundation

○ Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

○ Fidelity Charitable


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