Who we are:

Deconstructing the Mental Health System Inc, (DMHS) is a group for Mental Health Professionals who are actively increasing access to mental health & wellness services for Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color.

We assist emerging Black Therapists, Indigenous Therapists, and Therapists of Color in obtaining, maintaining, and navigating the bureaucracy of mental health licenses by offering free public advertisement & marketing of services in our Therapy & Wellness Directory, as well as encouraging participation in the DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program. DMHS also offers the necessary tools including free clinical supervision by fully licensed Approved Supervisors.


The mission of Deconstructing the Mental Health System Inc, (DMHS) is to achieve an equitable, anti-racist Mental Health System, through acknowledging how intersectionality and racism impacts any system affiliated with the current Mental Health System. We effect changes and build equity into the Mental Health System through collaboration with community partners in delivery of therapy & wellness services, working towards making access to maintaining licensure status more financially equitable (access to free advertisement, supervision and marketing), providing direct services to our communities for more effective and equitable therapy & wellness delivery. We also provide education to the community on implicit bias, reducing harm to our communities, providing culturally relevant & equitable services, and community healing.

Information about Partners, Sponsors & Donors

Information about Leadership & Board Members

Please email us at dmhs@dmhsus.org for any comments or questions

Annual Updates:

Introduction to DMHS/Initial Report 2020
Annual Update 2020-2021
Annual Update 2021-2022
Annual Update 2022-2023
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