Black & BIPOC owned and operated organizations serving Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color:

Black Owned: Directory where Black folks of faith can find Black Therapist of faith
AAPI & BIPOC Owned: Wellness Retreats for Women of Color
BIPOC Owned Therapy Directory
Black Owned: community art project, in a 5th generation Black-Owned Home.
Black Owned: Nonprofit that helps lift families out of poverty in VA

Black Owned: Community healing & Reiki for Black People

Black & BIPOC Owned: Wellness, Events & Retreats
Black Owned: Seattle Black Business Directory

Black Owned: FREE Counseling for Black People in WA&CA

Black Owned: FREE Guided Meditation & Light Movement
Black Owned: Advocates for law enforcement accountability & Events for Black Healing in King County, WA

AAPI owned BIPOC facilitated: Spiritual Healing & Coaching

BIPOC Owned: Provider Listing/Networking for Counselors of Color
Black Owned: We are families helping families navigate resources (mental health, substance use), and groups & events.
Black Owned: Affordable Loans
For Black-Owned Businesses
In The Puget Sound Region
BIPOC Owned Directory for Therapists of Color

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