Black, Indigenous, and People of Color owned and operated organizations serving our communities:

Families of Color Seattle:
BIPoC Led Nonprofit to support parents & families of Color
Seattle Green Book:
Black Owned: Seattle Black Business Directory

New Developed Nations:
A Music Program for Youth  12-25 in Spokane, WA
Therapy in Color:
Black Led Directory of Therapists of Color
Inclusive Therapists:
AAPI Led Directory of Therapists of Color in USA & Canada
Therapy for Black Girls:
Black Owned Directory for Black Women
Center for Indigenous Midwifery:
Indigenous Owned & Operated FREE Training in WA
Interconnections Healing Center: AAPI Owned Mental Health Group Practice in WA
253 Therapy & Consult:
Black Owned Mental Health Group Practice in WA

Dr. Cindy Duke:
Black Owned Directory of Black Women Physicians
CE Views:
BIPOC Operated Directory of CEUs & Events

Y-WE (Young Women Empowered):
Predominantly BIPOC Managed Nonprofit, empowering young women of color and marginalized groups

Powerful Voices:
BIPOC Owned organization for young girls and gender expansive youth of color
Mental Health Liberation:
BIPOC Managed org that connects BIPOC with Clinicians of Color
Black Led program at UW to end youth incarceration & promote youth-centered healing

Holistic Resistance:
Black Led org offering Anti-Racist, Trauma-Healing Workshops & Retreats
The Nap Ministry:
Black Owned Restorative Wellness Space

Girl Trek:
Black Owned Nonprofit to
Encourage Walking for Health

Community Health Board Coalition:
BIPOC-Led Council for Decolonizing Research & Policies for BIPOC Communities
J Rambus Consulting:
Black Owned & Led Accounting Services
Latinx Therapy:
Latinx Led Directory for Latinx Therapists

Diasporic Dynasty:
BIPOC Collective featuring burlesque and drag performing arts in Vancouver, Canada
Show Pony Studio:
BIPOC Managed dance studio & workshops in Vancouver, Canada
South King Emotional Wellness League (SKEWL):
Black Owned Free Therapy & Wellness Services for WA BIPOC
Multicultural Counselors:
BIPOC Owned: Provider Listing/Networking for Counselors of Color
Guided Pathways Support:
Black Owned: We are families helping families navigate resources (mental health, substance use), and groups & events.
Denkyem Co-Op:
Black Owned: Affordable Loans
For Black-Owned Businesses
In The Puget Sound Region
Therapy for Queer People of Color:
Black-Led Directory of Affirming Therapists for LGBTQIA+ Community
Inno Psych:
Black Owned Directory for People of color

Fresh Start PS:
Black-Led Non-Profit Providing Re-Entry Services
Locate Therapy:
BIPOC Owned Directory for Therapists of Color
LoveLand Foundation:
Black-Led FREE Counseling to support Black women and girls in accessing therapy nationwide
Give Black WA:
Black-Led Organization Listing for Washington State
Asian Counseling and Referral Services – ACRS:
AAPI Led Nonprofit for Wrap-Around Services for AAPI community

Consejo Counseling and Referral Service:
Latino Led for Wrap-Around Services for Latino community
Seattle Indian Health Board:
Indigenous Led Wellness & Medical Services for Indigenous community
Black Owned Counseling & Wellness center

Traveling While Black in Seattle:
Black Led Traveling Show that documents safe places for BIPOC to visit in the PNW

National Black Doulas Association:
Black Owned Org & Directory
Black Christian Therapy:
Black Owned: Directory where Black folks of faith can find Black Therapist of faith
Empower WOC Project:
AAPI & BIPOC Owned: Wellness Retreats for Women of Color
Clinicians of Color:
BIPOC Owned Therapy Directory &
Resources for Clinicians
Kin Freelancing:
Black Owned Virtual Assistant Services
BIPOC Owned Business Featuring
Career informational interviews from BIPOC
Center for Black Women’s Wellness: Black Owned Women’s
Health Clinic in ATL

Abundance of Hope:
Black Owned Nonprofit for youth homelessness prevention & education 
Loren Miller Bar Association:
Black Owned & Led Directory of Black Attorneys
A Sacred Passing:
BIPOC-Led Death Midwifery and Education 
Therapy for Black Men:
Black Owned Directory for Black Men
Muslim Health & Professionals Seattle:
Muslim Led Nonprofit Providing Medical & Dental Services to Uninsured
Cowlitz Tribe Health Seattle:
Cowlitz Tribe provides Medical & Wrap-Around Services to Indigenous

Black Yoga Teachers Alliance – byta:
Black Owned Directory of Black Yoga Instructors
Black Women of Arizona:
Black Led Organization that hosts events for
Women of Color in AZ
Blankets to Streets:
BIPOC Led nonprofit providing emergency kits to those experiencing housing instability.
Peace Peloton:
Black Owned Nonprofit to help communities, and businesses connect & thrive
Brothers United In Leadership Development:
Black Owned Nonprofit to Train & Empower Black Owned Businesses
Chisholm Law Firm: Black Owned Law Firm for Starting Non Profits & Operating
Free Black Therapy:
Black-Led FREE Counseling for Black & BIPOC People in most of USA
Boris Henson Foundation:
Black-Led FREE *Virtual* Counseling for Black & BIPOC People & BIPOC Listing
Oprah Daily (page from):
Black-Owned Bookstores in USA
Black Owned: community art project, in a 5th generation Black-Owned Home.
Dreams of Hope Foundation:
Black Owned: Nonprofit that helps lift families out of poverty in VA

Black Power Healing Circles:

Black Owned: Community healing & Reiki for Black People

Mindful Moves:
Black Owned: FREE Guided Meditation & Light Movement
Black Action Coalition:
Black Owned: Advocates for law enforcement accountability & Events for Black Healing in King County, WA
Surrendered Healing:
AAPI owned BIPOC facilitated: Spiritual Healing & Coaching

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our Community Support Page, which includes Resources such as: Suicide Awareness & Prevention, Black Grant Writers, LGBTQIA, Housing, Job Search & Training, Case Management, Free & Low-Cost Therapy, Pregnancy, Medical-Dental-Vision, and MORE

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