Mahesh Francis, AMFT and APCC

Mahesh Francis, AMFT and APCC
Other Mental Health Related Services: Group Therapy
Religions & Spirituality: Spirituality
Ethnicity Counselor Identifies As: African American, Afro-Caribbean, Black, Multiracial
Qualifications:: 1.5 years in practice, ​AMFT # 134572 APCC# 12508, California Institute of Integral Studies (2022)
Payments Accepted: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa
Cost per Session: $100-150, Sliding Scale
Communities Served: Queer Allied, Racial Justice Allied
Age Specialty: Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19), Adults, Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)
Types of Therapy: Multicultural, Positive Psychology, Somatic
Modality: Couples, Groups, Individuals
Sexuality Speciality: Queer
Mental Health Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Racial Trauma
Systemic Specialties: Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Stress

Who am I:
I am a mixed raced/Black therapist from the Bay Area. I grew up poor in Oakland, but I am also mixed raced, and some of my family are well off. I deeply understand the experience of being outside the norm and the emotional impact of striving for a place in society. I am also a highly sensitive person and have compassion for all my sensitive folx doing their best in a world that still questions if HSP is even real.

I have a love for all my diverse and queer folx, and if you see my family, we look like a bay area version of the united nations. Working with me in therapy is a place where you are invited to bring your whole self, and all parts are welcome. My complex life experiences have generated a deep compassion for all people from all walks of life. As a therapist, it is my job to encourage and welcome all the parts of you into the room. I am not here to seek quick fixes for your symptoms. I understand there are several layers to explore together, and the healing journey is not linear.

Values and Approach:
Holding deep pain and suffering alone can be overwhelming and painful. Feeling a desire to scream at multiple points every day is a terrible experience. The pain of carrying intergenerational trauma and experiences of trauma can make this wide world of possibilities feel like a tiny dark and lonely.

My work is about providing a safe space for healing. I utilize a combination of psychodynamic, humanistic, somatic, humanistic, and behavioral theories to understand how to work with trauma. I am a very relational therapist, which means that I understand that the relationship between you and me is an important prerequisite to embarking into the exploration of trauma. It is not okay to dive into traumatic memories if we have not created a safe space.

My style is to provide information, interventions, and guidance. However, you are the focus, and this is your healing journey. I trust your intelligence and honor your experience. I have witnessed unbelievable healing and life changes with my clients and believe that when you find the right therapist, the work is amazing. I deeply care for my clients and am perpetually honored by my ability to walk with you on your path and provide support along the way.

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