Artistic Apothecary - Spiritual Birth Coach

Artistic Apothecary - Spiritual Birth Coach
Additional credentials: Multiple Birthworker Trainings
Services (Cultural Healing): Accountability Coaching, Business Coaching, Childbirth Coaching (Doula), Coaching, Divination, Gatherings & Retreats, Grief, Herbal Medicine, Intuitive Reading, Life Coaching, Living Space Blessing / Cleansing, Past Life Regression, Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum, Reproductive Health, Rites & Healing, Shadow Work, Spiritual Coaching
Cost per Session: Sliding Scale
Communities Served: HIV / AIDS Allied, Non-Binary Allied, Open Relationships Non-Monogamy, Racial Justice Allied, Transgender Allied
Sexuality Speciality: Provider also identifies as LGBTQIA+ and/or QTPOC

kuwa jasiri (Beauty) engages in international healthcare engagements that affirm People Of Heritage / People Of Culture / People Of The Global Majority. As a intersex, genderqueer, polysexual, Ghanaian, Cuban/Taino, Spanish, Zulu, Creole being, beauty is immersed in cultivating their Ancestral traditions and is passionate about Seed stewardship and native Seed dispersal to offer wellness and rest to the Land, Watershed and the Original Seedkeepers.

kuwa jasiri (first name) peer studied wild foods becoming inspired to apprentice with Retired Midwife Daphne SingingTree at her home apothecary EagleTree Herbs. A graduate of the dynamic and ever evolving People Of Culture Herbal Freedom School where we center our wellness stories and medicines. Currently deepening their studies around their Ancestral foods, Birthwork, cultural plants, Afro Sign Language and Spanish.

1:1 or family sessions for
-folks preconception through postpartum to adoption and inheritance
-families of loss, abortion, miscarriage, and still birth

For all other community members:
Spiritual and Ceremonial Sessions – Use 1:1 or group sessions to comb through, fine tune and be curious about your spiritual body and connection to the Spiritual Realm. While discovering yourself integrate in cultural rituals, celebratory ceremonies and remedying rest. Expand your imagination.

Dream Divination – Use 1:1 or group sessions to develop your sleeping dream practice. A place to delve into the messages your dreams carry, release, summon and direct. Learn to partner with your dreams through prayer, astral travel, lucidity, journaling and sharing.

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