Legacy is very important when it comes to actively being anti-racist, as so many of our contributions have been hidden. DMHS strives to give credit where it’s due, and also to thank those who have partnered with & supported our organization.

Contributions to Initiatives:

Gregory Whiting from Waking Wisdom PLLC: Recommended adding more Attributes for Black Provider Category regarding identity (e.g. nationality, ethnicity)

Tracy & Lashanna from Gathering Roots: Recommended re-formatting website and directory for Accessibility, and adding a category for Allies to the Provider Directory, and provided marketing feedback to recruit Providers to sign up for the directory.

Denise from Well-Play: Requested Supporter & Verified Badges, and provided feedback & suggestions on Event Page idea

Paloma, owner from Crisálida Healing & Transformation, PLLC : Recommended Adding additional categories & attributes to the Provider Directory

Morgan Watson: Recommended adding LGBTQIA+ specific category to the Provider Directory


Directory Collaboration: Gathering Roots, Y-We, Nile’s Edge, and A Sacred Passing collaborated in an outreach effort to notify Providers of Color about the directory.


Cascadia Training: Donated 5% of all proceeds to DMHS during Black History Month 2022

Core Contributors:

Katy Greenleaf

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